Love Motel

Love Motel is a dark comedy about an elderly couple trying to keep love alive. Neat freak Seung-Sook and her husband, Chang-Son, co-own a love motel. Unfortunately for them they no longer love each other. Seung-Sook is desperately lonely until she finds an unexpected connection with one of the motel guests. She finds herself torn between staying in a stale marriage and embarking on a new and exciting encounter.



Seung-Sook – Baek Nak Son
Chang-Son – Han Tae Il
Kwang-Sun – Moon Dae Song


Written and Directed by Samantha Nell
Produced by Mychael Julianne Bond and Jean Lee
Cinematographer: Ayesha Anna Ninan
Production Designer: Kim Sunha
Sound Designer: David Briggs
Composer: Andrew Orkin