A Kosovo Fairytale

A documentary about a family of refugees from Kosovo who travel to Finland to find safety. In the process they are forced to make a terrible decision and leave their two-year-old son behind. The film takes the form of a fairytale addressed to him and told by the eldest son. The film is made up of both animation and live-action segments.
The documentary was produced as part of the North South South Exchange program between Finland and South Africa. Included schools were: AFDA (South Africa), Arcada (Finland), University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa). Produced in 2009.


Directed by Anna-Sofia Nylund, Mark Middlewick and Samantha Nell
Cinematography and Animation by Samantha Nell
Edited by Mark Middlewick
Produced by Tapiwa Chipfupa
Sound Design and Score by Ludvig Allén
Written by Mark Middlewick and Samantha Nell